Welcome to Domaine Rabiega

A Place Like No Other

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A Place Like No Other

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A Place Like No Other

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Welcome to Domaine Rabiega
a Place Like No Other

Covid information

The safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us. When visiting us, please keep a safe distance to others. If you have any symptoms, please stay at home. We follow the national guidelines of the French government (Coronavirus Covid 19 – English | Gouvernement.fr).

Currently the wine shop is open by appointment only.

As you read this, we are renovating and upgrading the entire estate with wine shop, hotel, and restaurant to its highest standards. We plan to open July 1, 2021. Hotel and restaurant bookings will open in the spring.

For questions and information please contact Yohan Adell von Corswant on +33 (0) or at yohan@rabiega.com

We will continuously inform about any changes in our plans.

Come work with us!

We are looking for a couple who, for free housing on our beautiful vineyard, will help us with gardening between March 1 – September 30. Read more

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