About us

About Domaine Rabiega

A special love story

In 2015, the company Maison sans Pareil-brand (MSP) was founded by the Adell von Corswant family. Their wines Maison sans Pareil, Bordeaux Superieur, and Maison sans Pareil Loire, were introduced to the discerning Swedish market. The wines quickly became popular and sold well in restaurants.

In the spring of 2018, a patent for the ingenious DuoBox was filed for registration and at the end of July 2018 the production started. But already in the summer of 2017, with the MSP family’s very own Champagne, L’Amour sans Pareil – we found the perfect balance.

With this wonderful product we decided to start Gastrodev Wine & Spirits in autumn of 2017 and imports began from a dozen different producers in France. In the spring of 2018 Mattias Nemeth joined, who with his knowledge and experience moved the company forward. Today, the company invests in a number of wines from the old world and our ever-growing portfolio includes wines from several countries.

Our own brand Maison sans Pareil (www.maisonsanspareil.fr) has gotten a big brother with the purchase of the Domaine Rabiega winery in sunny Provence, France (www.rabiega.com). The domain is as beautiful as it is exceptional for grape growing. The topography, mild and sunny climate and special terroirs are perfect ingredients for delicious and ageworthy wines.

About the founders – Yohan & Blenda Adell von Corswant

After a life in the service of gastronomy, at several restaurants both in the USA, France and Sweden, Yohan & Blenda chose to change their focus and use their entrepreneurial spirits in the wine industry. Today, five years after the start of the company Gastrodev Vin & Sprit AB, Domaine Rabiega was acquired and with its own wines and negociant products such as Maison sans Pareil, it has proved to be a fantastic addition to the group.

Our promise is – no matter how much we grow and expand – to remain personal and to guarantee no compromise in neither service nor quality. Our promise is to give our hearts and souls to the Domaine Rabiega vineyard, hotel, and restaurant.

The Team at Domaine Rabiega

Yohan Adell von Corswant – CEO  (yohan@rabiega.com)
Lars Torstenson – Winemaker (lars.torstenson@rabiega.com)
Christelle Martin – Sales/admin (christelle.martin@rabiega.com)
Karin Van Volen – Accounting (karin@rabiega.com)
Laurent Peuquet – Maintenance (laurent.peuquet@rabiega.com)
Thomas Bayart – Winery worker

Come and work with us!

We are looking for a couple who, in exchange for free housing on our beautiful estate, can help us with gardening between March 1 and September 30. At your disposal you will have a cozy furnished apartment of 50 sq.m. with a patio, and live surrounded by vines and olive groves.

You will take care of our flower beds, trees, and plants. You will also be responsible for lawn-mowing and keeping the surroundings beautiful for our guests in the Rabiega Hotel and Restaurant.

When not working you are free to discover all that beautiful Provence has to offer – everything from the Mediterranean Sea and villages to markets and mountains.

Who are you? You are probably retired but active, like gardening, and enjoy good food and wine.

For questions please contact: yohan@rabiega.com