The Rabiega Estate

The Gateway to the Good Life!

The Rabiega estate has a rich wine-growing tradition, dating all the way back to the 16th century. The red wines produced on our estate have an outstanding reputation and are recognized as the very finest in its range.

Christiane Rabiega bought the property in the sixties and gave it its current name. The estate was later acquired by Swedish owners with the mission to develop prestigious wines, and the first steps towards the organic certification were taken.

In the of summer of 2020 Domaine Rabiega was bought by Gastrodev Vin & Sprit AB, whose founders are Yohan and Blenda Adell von Corswant. Both of them passionate about food and wine and with a solid experience from Sweden, the USA and France. With the acquisition of Rabiega they made a dream come true and it is now their home. It is also used as the base for their brand: Maison sans Pareil.

An extensive renovation of the vineyard, hotel and restaurant is currently under way. The love of fine wines, good food and the devotion to this magnificent region all comes together to create the gateway to the good life: Domain Rabiega. 

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