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The best meatballs and the tastiest red wine.

December 2020

Did you know that meatballs are just as delicious in December as in any other month of the year? No, I thought so. But now you know, and that is why we want to offer you the very best recipe for meatballs. A little more adult, a little more wine-friendly than the meatballs at IKEA. And with Domaine Rabiega’s ‘R 1819’ red wine… ridiculously good!
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Wine harvest at Domaine Rabiega

August-September, 2021

Come and stay with us at Domain Rabiega and participate in the annual harvesting of the grapes. The harvest usually starts during the last week of August and lasts for about four weeks. We begin by harvesting the grapes for white and rosé wines, then continue with the grapes for the red wines, which grow on a higher altitude in the vineyard. There are several different tasks to be performed during a harvest: picking, cleaning, carrying, and in general we take it in turns, all under the beautiful Provençal sun.

We start the day having breakfast together, we plan the day and get instructions from our award-winning winemaker Lars Torstenson. Lunch is enjoyed outdoors in the vineyard followed by a little rest in the shade from the olive trees. When the work for the day is done, there is time for a shower and a nice dip in the pool. In the evening we all get together to enjoy delicious dinner.

You arrive during day 1 and depart after breakfast on day 4. Subject to availability you can usually add some extra days if you want to.
The stay includes: 3 nights in a double-room (supplement charge for single room), full board with drinks including wine tasting and tour of the entire vineyard.
Transfer can be organized from the airport or the train station.
Price: 1600 €/person

For mor information and reservations, please contact Yohan Adell von Corswant +33 (0) or at

Olive harvest in Provence

Mid-December, 2021

In mid-December, the olives from the 170 olive trees
at Domain Rabiega will be ready to be harvested and taken to the local olive press. We will welcome you at the vineyard on Friday afternoon, starting with a tour of the wine cellar to sample this year’s wine harvest from tanks and barrels.
Saturday morning, after a hearty breakfast, we start the harvesting, once the sun has dried up the dew. In the evening, after a bit of freshening-up, we gather for a traditional Provençal dinner, enjoying some of Rabiega’s lovely wines, finishing off with some traditional cheeses.

Check-out and departure are after breakfast on Sunday.

The stay includes: 2 nights in a double-room (supplement charge for single room), breakfast, two dinners with drinks included, wine tasting, a guided tour of the vineyard, simple lunch outdoors during the harvest, and to bring home: a bottle of freshly pressed olive oil!
Transfer from the airport or train station can be organized.
Price: 1200 € / person.

For more information and reservation, please contact Yohan Adell von Corswant +33 (0) or at

Magazine Article – Rabiega back in Sweden in All About Wine 2020  #11/2020

Nov 28, 2020

In the highly popular Swedish magazine “Allt om Vin” (All about Wine) no 11/2020 you may read about “Allt om Rabiega” (All about Rabiega). During the Wine & Spirits era, with Lars Torstenson as winemaker, he became internationally known primarily for the prestigious wine Clos Dière Cuvée.
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Luck, timing and terroir

Nov 18, 2020

The place is Provence in the south of France, not far from Saint Tropez on the French Riviera.
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Magazine Article about Rabiega in Rivieranytt

Nov 18, 2020

Rabiega is awakened from her sleep! Interesting article in the Scandinavian magazine RivieraNews.
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Wine tasting outdoors in the vineyard

Nov 14, 2020

Welcome to participate in our outdoor wine tasting evening with many different flavors, both from the past and from this season. Sign up now because the seats are quickly filled to this popular event – call us to get included on the participants’ list right now!
Tel +33 494 68 44 22.